Hail A Ride

How to Hail a Ride

This is how you can hail a cab in Jersey

  • A cab with a light on its roof displaying the word ‘TAXI’ is available for hire.
  • If the light on top of the cab not lit, then they it is unavailable for hire.
  • When hailing a cab, extend your arm clearly as the cab approaches you, and it should pull up as closely to you as possible. Cabs will not pull up if it is not safe to do so, so avoid standing too close to bus stops, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, etc.
  • When a hailed cab stops, approach the front passenger window and explain to the driver where you want to go. Only once the driver has confirmed that he/she is able to fulfil your request should you get into the vehicle.

Jersey law allows both rank and private hire cabs to be hailed and pick up from the taxi ranks.

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